About Us

At Scenic Escape St. Kitts, we are dedicated to enhancing destination management and tour services. With a passion for the travel and tour industry, we strive to provide top notch service, innovative and value-added packages filled with an educational and fun filled agenda.

Our team consists of communications personnel who can effectively interact with our customers, listen to their needs, and provide results that are beneficial to both parties. Our Customer Service personnel know their performance is valued within this industry and everyone depends on their professionalism, skills, and the ability to handle challenging situations with patience, empathy and with diplomacy. These skills are crucial to our operation.

Our company strives to be successful and one of the ways is to be knowledgeable about our destination. Our guides and representatives possess extensive knowledge about the local attractions, landmarks/historical sites, and the governing rules of the day, all of which can be responded to our guests accurately, creatively and effectively.

We are aware that the tourism industry is a dynamic and ever-changing industry, hence, if we are to be professionals, we need to be adaptable and flexible in accommodating the varied clients that we will be hosting. Hence, it has become necessary to be able to offer proficiency in multiple languages which we will source upon request. We are organized and enforce in our team time management skills which are of high importance. Most of our customers are on a schedule, and we recognize that their objective is to capture every minute enjoying where they are and what they have purchased equating to the “Customer Service” expertise which is required.

The management and staff at Scenic Escape St. Kitts, is fully aware while the attributes, qualifications or education skills acquired can greatly contribute to the success of the company and the tourism industry, possessing these attributes and expressing them to ensure our services and offerings are appreciated and well received by our customers.


"We look forward to the opportunity of serving you and crafting memorable experiences that will exceed your expectations."

Let us be your guide as you embark on your next adventure and discover the wonders of St. Kitts-Nevis. We live by our slogan/tagline; We are not just a destination; we are your adventure. Your vacation is our business! Contact us and let’s begin this incredible journey together.

Mission Statement

To enhance destination management and tour services by renewing the usual offerings, having attractive rates, providing top notch service, adding innovative and value-added packages with a positive memorable, and educational fun filled agenda.

Tourism cultural diversity is also our aim as we try to reinvent the norm of destination management services and tours in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.

Our Vision

To be the Federation’s most trusted, innovative, sustainable and culturally diverse Destination Management and Tour Company.

Our Values

To conduct the company with the highest degree of integrity by using the best practices within the travel and tourism industry. To provide quality products and services. Appreciating and motivating our staff and ensuring they are given the tools to ensure excellent customer service. Respecting our partners and at the same time promoting our business which will in turn benefit the island’s workforce.

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