Trekking Mt. Liamuiga Volcano​

On the Volcano Caldera Trek you get to hike up every tier of the volcanic cone and you are almost guaranteed to get a bit dirty as you hike, explore, climb, and pull yourself to the Caldera of mount Liamuiga. This trek starts at 750ft above the Caribbean Sea and has the perfect back drop with an amazing view of the sweeping landscape down to the Caribbean Sea and includes in the distance the neighboring island of St. Estuations.

The memorable thing with this tour is that you will actually witness the changes in the tropical succession stages as you ascend higher and higher towards the caldera. You will feel the temperature drop, you will see the changes in vegetation, and you will experience the increasing incline as you get closer and closer to the caldera. It is truly a once in a live time trek to experience and once at the top your breath will be taken away by the stunning view while you stand 2800ft above the Caribbean Sea and 600ft above the bottom of the volcanic crater with a rim opening to almost one mile away. 

The climb back down the hill is certainly easier than the one going up. Enjoy a light snack of fruit, sweet bread, local drinks before taking a scenic drive back to the cruise port or hotel. If you are strong, with no injures, health issues and can hike uphill (sometimes using your hands) through vines and tall trees, then this is the tour for you. At the end of this steep climb and terrain you will feel you certainly have accomplished a great feat! Make sure you take a photo at the top!


Tour duration:  4.5 – 5 hours.  


See the rating below


Strenuous hikes entails elevation of over 2,000 feet with steep and challenging forest and mountainous terrain which can cover ten miles and more. Do not attempt this hike if you have breathing, lung, heart or physical issues. This hike is considered to be further away from civilization, involves a drive to the starting point, a long walk via a trail using assistance by custom made walking sticks, a definitely, “A Guide”. Ensure you have water, food and any other item to perform as comfortable as possible for the duration.


  • Hotel or cruise port roundtrip transportation
  • Walking sticks
  • Light refreshments of: water, fruit juices (local), sweet breads (e.g. banana) etc
  • Guide orientation before and during tour

What to bring/wear, etc:

  • Long light pants/trousers, shirt/blouse with sleeves
  • Sneakers with durable soles for rough terrain (sometimes wet)
  • Sunscreen
  • Wash cloth, water for personal use,
  • Ensure you have breakfast or walk with something to eat
  • No drinking of alcohol the night before, good night’s rest
  • A light backpack
  • Read the description thoroughly
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